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Box Office - $.25, Internet - $1.50, Call Center - $3.50
Low, Low Service Fees

Our service fees are among the lowest in the ticketing industry. Our fees are 25 cents per ticket for box office orders (walk-up, phone, mail, fax), $1.50 per ticket for online orders, and $3.50 per ticket when using our optional 24-Hour Toll-Free Call Center.

Merchant Account Flexibility and Credit Card Processing

We offer two ways to process credit cards through our ticketing system. You can either use your merchant account, or ours. If you wish to use the Tix merchant account we charge an additional fee of 5% of the ticket price for credit card processing. Tix does not charge an additional fee if you use your own merchant account.

In order to use your own merchant account, it must include a compatible e-commerce payment gateway. Tix is compatible with over 30 different e-commerce payment gateways including Authorize.net, Cybersource, LinkPoint/YourPay, PayFlow Pro, Virtual Merchant, and many more. If you do not have a compatible e-commerce payment gateway and wish to obtain one, we can assist you by either working with your bank or another provider. We've helped hundreds of our clients obtain their own e-commerce merchant account.

Payment Schedule

When using your merchant account for credit card processing, ticket revenue goes directly into your account within 48-72 hours after each ticket purchase. We then invoice you for our fees. When using our merchant account for credit card processing, we send you a check the week after the event.

Ticket Printing & Mailing

Tix can print and mail tickets directly to your ticket buyers. There is a single $3.00 shipping and handling fee applied to each order when we print and mail tickets for you. We can also print tickets and mail them directly to you for $.20 per ticket plus shipping. There are no shipping and handling fees applied to Will Call orders or orders in which we do not print and/or mail the tickets.

Flexible Patron Fees

All of our fees can be passed along to the ticket buyer. This enables your organization to use our service at no cost. You may also include some, or all, of our fees into the ticket price. It's up to you.

Setup Fees, Maintenance Fees, Annual Fees, and Hidden Fees

There aren't any!


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